Awards & Distintions

These are all the awards and honors
that our restaurants have received recently.
Restaurante Sucás - Costa Adeje
Recomendation - Michelin Guide
The only way to get into the Michelin guide is to practice an interesting and good cuisine, and to offer a gastronomic proposal worthy of a Michelin or starred dish. Lucas Maes offers an unique gastronomic experience at Sucas...
Restaurante Zumaque - Puerto de la Cruz
Solete - Repsol Guide
Repsol Guide creates the 'Solete' as a new rating for "places that everyone likes", i.e. "those places where as soon as you enter you think 'we should give them an award'" and that "you would recommend to a friend"...
Lucas Maes
Nomination - Best chef
In the 2nd edition of the ¡Qué bueno! awards of the Canary Islands, the Canarian-Belgian chef Lucas Maes was nominated as the best chef of the islands due to his creativity and passion for the gastronomy...

Our Restaurants

These are all the restaurants run by Chef Lucas Maes. All of them are located in different areas of the island of Tenerife.

Each of these restaurants offers the diner a unique experience thanks to the ingredients of our land combined with elements of foreign origin by the hand of Lucas Maes.
Luxury restaurant located in one of Tenerife's most beautiful locations,
Los Gigantes
A restaurant with a vibrant author's cuisine.
Puerto de la Cruz

At the Sucás restaurant we elaborate a creative and revitalizing cuisine, where the quality of our raw materials is the element that always occupies first place.
Costa Adeje

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